Occhi grandi per non vedere


“Darkness is an invitation to let down all your defences against madness ”

Occhi grandi per non vedere is a three-act show; each act conveying its inner poetics.
Each act could simply stand as independent from the others yet, as you watch them chronologically, they’ll disclose a pervasive and unique drive: our eyes.

Our eyes choose not to see, in three different ways ..
they hide to imagine freely

they stare at mirrors but their reflection never reveals who they really are
they rise in rebellion and drop any defence

Each act tells the journey of ten eyes through images, sounds and objects.

Each time we close our eyelids, they say we do this 30.000 times a day, we create new ways to transform what we see.. or what we choose not to see.

Occhi grandi per non vedere show is meant for visionary eyes, for those eyes eager to discover where their gaze will lead them to ..