Cafelulé is a contemporary vertical dance company, founded by young dancers and performers who are dedicated to the search for a different dialogue with gravity, a new movement of grammar and a unique way to tell stories.

The choreography enhances the urban and natural environment, transforming the stage: the spectator raises his gaze and lives in the space of its unprecedented dimension.
Verticality, dance, experimentation, poetry, performing arts, technology. These are the key words that drive the work of the company, in which always evokes wonder in the eyes of those who watch its performances.

Other than performing on stages national and international, Cafelulé is also distinguished for its versatility and its capability to coordinate large events, both public and private, where various artists collaborate, giving form to performances innovative and unique to their specialization.

A few years ago the company also decided to invest in training and education by organizing workshops and courses within its own creative space, known as Casalulé, that is offered in Bergamo and in many of the other important cities of Italy.

Vertical Dance

The Vertical Dance uses every vertical surface as a support for movement. It was funded thanks to the leading aim of integrating dance and space, which explores new ways to perceive movement and perspective. With the use of varied architecture and natural scenery, the audience is given the unique experience to observe the performance within an everyday space.

The vertical dancer uses to his advantage the lines, surfaces, volumes and even the structures of a space, unlike what is seen on a traditional stage. He develops his own research, analysing different themes about height, connections with the architecture and the natural environment, which become scenic design themselves to interact with (delete/edit this sentence; does not make any sense).